Connecting Circles

The living Waters of our Rivers​

Like any river, our start  was cautious and timid, but now after many journeys our riverbed is wide and strong, and the river deep and fast.

We traveled with thunderstorms and  rains, but also with the dry period of the Covid pandemic, which tormented us like everybody, because we love the living word and the touch of hugs.

The stories are told with lights from the bonfire, with eye contact, silence, laughter and tears.

But here we are, at the end of  our journey and we present to you  our on-line education program for helping professions  that will assist you in working with metaphors and stories with your users.

We humans being are a species that creates through stories and storytelling. Storytelling is the oldest form of human communication. The narrative heals.

And how?

Science has sought and proved that folk tales and traditional fables deal with the themes of life in a way that brings us the keys to our interpretation, teaching us concepts such as resilience, self-awareness, personal growth and the meaning of life.

Connecting Circles, the living waters of our river: the project in a metaphor becomes our Manifesto!

Each river has more strength if there is a structure that supports it, and the structure is the earth, with its slope. And the earth is love, just as flowing water is life. So life adapts to love as water adapts to the earth. Life comes from the source just like water gushes from the source.

Sometimes we get confused and believe we are the obstacles of this river: sometimes we are the big stones, other times we are the deviations of the current. But we are also this, not just a part. And in any case, the water always flows and follows its path, exactly as we follow our destiny!

And at the end of this path,  we will all find ourselves at sea and finally we will be “one”!

Walking barefoot on a stream, I can feel that the masculine and feminine are in harmony.

When I am in contact with the masculine I feel its structure, the ability of exploration and discovery.

When I am in contact with the feminine I feel the roots of women in my family. I feel gratitude. And so the river relieves the pain of letting go, thanks to its flow indicating the direction in which everything meets and becomes one.

With the feminine I feel emotions. I get excited.

And these parts communicate with the same voice and they are not at odds, it’s me!