Project Coordinator

TISA – Association for Sustainable Learning from Croatia has nearly twenty years of experience in capacity building of NGOs and institutions in the area of working with disadvantaged groups. The organisation has been providing sustainable learning activities and experiences for groups and individuals. It has extensive experience in creating curriculums and innovative modes of education. It has 18 years of experience in designing and implementing different educational programmes, including introducing new educational contents and methodologies in the formal educational institutions and through informal education. In the past couple of years, TISA has expanded its work to include educating and supporting adult learners in acquiring skills in using knowledge and concepts from psychotherapy, particularly storytelling and art therapy in empowering and working with disadvantaged groups of people.


Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile – Centro studi, Formazione e Comunicazione from Italy organizes research, learning programmes and EU projects. Aura is a member of several national, international and European professional networks: Art of Hosting, Society for Organizational Learning, Presencing Institute, Psychosynthesis community, U.Lab community and IPTL International Partnership for Transformative Learning. Aura has extensive experience in transformational learning, particularly connected to nature and they work with disadvantaged groups of people and train others to work with them. Furthermore, during the last 2 years Aura’s staff was involved in a challenging project Erasmus Plus called CONNAT. It has allowed them to become experts in MOOC development and transformational activities in nature.
Centre for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship – CDOP from Serbia main objective is to foster sustainable local development through working with socially responsible entrepreneurial ideas, individuals and organizations. We strongly support women entrepreneurship, especially: women from rural areas, organic farmers and moms. Our vision is that CDOP represents an incubator for the creation of innovative, socially responsible ideas, and is a place where individuals can develop their personal potential in order to realize ideas and thus improve their quality of life. Our mission is that CDOP recognizes socially responsible ideas, individuals and organizations, and is actively supporting them through its educational and development programs and represents the creator of socially responsible surrounding. Inspired to motivate and share with others, we are building Rural HUB as a polygon for demonstration and educational activities in small village Vrmdža in southeast Serbia.