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“I do not think that the banks of a river suffer because they let the river flow”
Frida Kahlo

Dear learners,

be brave and enter the magic world of rivers. But be careful, you are entering the world in which nothing is what you see.  Maybe you will be transformed  yourself into a character  from river fairy tale or folktale.  Maybe you could create a new river of your own, or enter the world of a rivers you already know.

You could be a wizard, river, warrior, god or goddesses, or a magician. You could be part-animal or part-giant. Will your story be set in our world, or will you be transported to another land? What  river magic will you encounter?

Fairy tales help us break boundaries of time and culture. And fairy tales feed our imaginations. The wondrous is matter of fact in these tales, so we are encouraged to look for wonder in our own lives. We are given permission to see the world as one of possibility.

 Every river becomes a sea, and the sea eventually becomes an ocean. We hope that traveling this river was just the beginning of your love and passion for stories and metaphors. Happy journey on.

MOOC Content Details

  • Lecture 1: Intro in to the course
  • Lecture 2: Practice – Letter to myself

  • Lecture 3: What is a metaphor?
  • Lecture 4:  How stories change our brain
  • Lecture 5: Metaphors in counseling intervention
  • Lecture 6: Are there times not to use metaphors?
  • Lecture 7: Story healer’s principles
  • Lecture 8: Conceptual metaphor theory brief
  • Lecture 9: Metaphoric meaning of the rivers
  • Lecture 10: Rivers as life from birth to death
  • Lecture 11: Practice – To hear the Wisdom of the rivers

  • Lecture 12: Waters of Life and Waters of Death
  • Lecture 13: Practice – Walking through 7 keys

  • Lecture 14: River as a flow
  • Lecture 15: Practice: Journey through the fairytale

  • Lecture 16: River as a connection
  • Lecture 17: Practice: By the well

  • Lecture 18: River as a life cycles
  • Lecture 19: Practice: River as a life

  • Lecture 20: River as a liminal space
  • Lecture 21: Practice: Memento mori
  • Lecture 22: River as birth
  • Lecture 23: Practice: Canvas River of Life

  • Lecture 24: River as a fate
  • Lecture 25: Practice: Images of yourself

  • Lecture 26: River as a relationship of the masculine/feminine principle
  • Lecture 27: Practice: Presence and relatedness

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